30 Questions for Discipleship.

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I recently started working part-time in the youth ministry at my church, and my favorite part of the job is meeting up with the girls one-on-one for discipleship. Over an iced coffee, I love to chat about how the Lord is working in her life. It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit can open up a young lady’s heart to understand and comprehend more about the Lord, and it’s a privilege to be used by Him in the process.

It can be difficult to know how to get the conversation started, however. Sometimes all those young ladies want to chat about it the guy they like or the newest drama in their friend groups. While there’s definitely a time and place to address those issues, a few guiding questions can lead your conversation into a more fruitful place. I compiled a list of some of my favorite questions, often asked of me when I met with my disciplers in high school & college.

discipleship questions

Here’s my favorite conversation starters to use with a disciple:


How can I pray for you?

What is something you are praying for?

When has God clearly answered a prayer of yours, and what did it look like?

Her story

Would you share your testimony with me?

How did God reveal to you your need for Him?

Which attribute of God’s character has been clearly demonstrated in your life?

How has God redeemed something in your life for good?

Getting to know God

What is something that you love about God?

Which attribute of God’s character do you desire to know in a deeper way?

How is God fulfilling promises from the Word in your life?

What are you grateful to God for?

The Word

What is God teaching you in the Word?

What is one of your favorite verses or passages in the Bible? Why?

What are you reading & studying in the Word?

What verse/passage have you been challenged by lately?

How can you practically obey or live in light of the Word today?


How have you seen God working this past week?

What are you expectant for God to do this next week?

What is God teaching you in this season of life?

How is God working in ______ (school, work, family, friendships, relationships, etc.)?

Which books are you reading/sermons are you listening to?


Have you talked with anyone about Christ lately? How did it go?

What are some gifts God has given you, and how can you use them for His glory?

What are some passions God has given you for His Kingdom?

How are you working to develop them?

What do you see as your current mission field?

How is God faithfully providing in that mission?

Planning for the Future

What do you desire God to accomplish in your life in this next season?

How do you want to grow in your walk with the Lord?

How is God calling you to walk in obedience in this next season of life?


Praying these will be a blessing to you and lead to many sweet conversations about the Lord and His great faithfulness.

If you have any other questions that you love to use while discipling girls, please leave them in a comment!

Photo by Monet Garner on Unsplash