Songs to beat the autumnal blues.

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I always say that autumn is my favorite season, & I really do think that it is. But for the past few years, autumn has held a whole lot of emotional weight to it. It’s been heavy & complicated. It’s been filled with change. It’s been riddled with self-doubt & insecurities. The shorter daylight as we rapidly approach winter isn’t helping anything, either. I find myself craving melancholy, morose tunes that match my inward reality, but those songs don’t help anything. I need to replace my negative headspace with some truth & a whole lot of Scripture.

Here’s a few joyful songs I’ve been listening to on repeat in this season to help combat those autumnal blues:

  • On and On by Housefires (on the album Housefires III, 2016). This song, guys. It’s been sweet solace for my soul when I doubt God’s love & forget His covenant with me. One of the most helpful ways to get out of a funk is to think less about me and more about God, and the song helps me to reflect on His faithfulness.
  • Love Don’t Stop by Eikon (on the album Look Up, 2017). What a reminder we need on the darker days, that God’s love doesn’t stop pursuing us. I love that the song talks about stopping and looking at what Christ accomplished on the cross, declaring that “hope is now alive.”
  • Amazing Grace (I’ve Got a Reason to Sing) by The Sing Team (on the album Sing On!, 2017). This new interpretation of Amazing Grace gives the song fresh life & allows the precious lyrics to sink deeper into my soul. The song turns from a lovely hymn into a lively jam you can’t help but sing along to. Also, any of the songs on this album are a good fix for the blues — truth delivered in a joyful, accessible, beautiful way. I also recommend “All Creatures of Our God and King and “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” They’re delightfully fresh takes on the classic tunes and sure to put some joy in your ears.
  • Nailed to the Cross” by Rend Collective (2017). This song is all about preaching the gospel to yourself, one of the best spiritual weapons we can wield against the enemy & our flesh & and the lies of the world. Praise God for what He’s done as you replace lies with truth through this encouraging song. Nearly any Rend Collective song will bring worship to your soul and happy tapping to your feet.
  • 23” by Red Rocks Worship ( on the album Living Liturgies, 2016). Psalm 23, set to a beautiful melody. Reminding yourself of God’s good Shepherding during even the darkest of seasons is sure to bring a whole lot of comfort. This song reminds me that the joy of the Lord is abundant — “You have made me a place where joy is overflowing.”

I hope these songs will be a blessing to you!

What do you listen to that speaks truth to your soul when it is downcast?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash